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Sonneillon V.

Feminism, Political Commentary, Kitchen Witchery

Sonneillon Virul
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Hi! I'm Sonne. No, that's not my real name, thank you. I live in Ohio with my wonderful husband, my son, and two cats. I tend to use my livejournal for posting pictures of my son and ranting about things close to my heart, such as feminism, politics, paganism, progressivism, and equal rights. I am gender-queer but content with my plumbing (and with female pronouns), pansexual, and poly-positive. I am dedicated to examining and dismantling my privilege and being a steadfast ally to those who don't share it.

I'm a Witch (but not a Wiccan) and a daughter of Hekate. My general philosophy is "An ye harm none, do as thou wilt, unless they harm you first, in which case, PWN the bastards." I have a fairly extensive lay-person's background in Christian theology so I tend to get verbose on the subject of religion. I can be sarcastic so sometimes I speak without thinking, but I do respond to correction, and I try to be respectful in argument, so if you feel you need to call me out, please know that you can do so without risking ad-hominem attacks as long as you don't make them first. I hold civility in argument very high in esteem, and tend toward manners when I'm not cursing like a sailor.

Actually, you'd be surprised how polite I can be WHILE cursing like a sailor.

I am a geek for the following: Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons, White Wolf, Role-Playing, Firefly, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Anime, Harry Potter, Mythological Monsters, Ghost-Hunting, Psychic Phenomena, and Comic Books, among other things.

Current Writing Projects:
Road Trip - An original project, not very serious, in which a Merman named Cass and a Werewolf named James take a cross-country road trip. Along the way they encounter as many different types of weirdness as I can come up with, many gleaned from classic urban legends and horror stories as an homage to the genre.
abortion rights, alchemy, angelic layer, anime, anubis, apologetics, astarte, aya fujimiya, baast, books, broomstick, browncoats, buddhism, candle magick, cauldron, charms, christianity, circle casting, comic books, cooking, daily show, dark arts, deathscythe hell custom, demons, devils, divination, dragons, druidism, dungeons and dragons, duo maxwell, earth based religions, earth magic, eclectic, esbat, ethics, family paganism, fanfic, fantasy, feminism, firefly, goddess worship, goddesses, gundam deathscythe, gundam wing, halloween, harry potter, hecate, herb lore, herbal magick, herbalism, herbs, hermetic, hermetics, infernalism, intelligence, kali, kitchen witchery, learning, leo, literature, magick, martial arts, metalocalypse, metaphysics, mother, mythology, nanowrimo, necromancy, next generation, occult, old ways, pagan, pagan clergy, paganism, philosophy, pirates, polyamory, potions, raising energy, reading, religion, rituals, rocky horror picture show, role playing, rp, rpgs, runes, samhain, schuldig, sci-fi, science fiction, science fiction/fantasy, scrying, second sight, sekhmet, serenity, set, sf conventions, sharp pointy things, shonen ai, slash, slytherin, solitary, solitary wicca, solitary wiccans, solitary witches, solitary work, spell casting, spells, spellwork, spirituality, star trek, supernatural, swords, sympathetic magick, tea, telepaths, telepathy, thaumaturgy, theology, tolerance, traditions, triple goddess, vampires, villains, voyager, weiss kreuz, weiß kreuz, werewolves, white wolf, wicca, witch, witchcraft, witches, women's issues, writing, x/1999, yule, zombies