Sonneillon Virul (sonneillon_v) wrote,
Sonneillon Virul

On the heels of the last one!

Some more pics! Specifically of Dezi's constantly-evolving I R CERNUNNOS outfit, and of the fireworks festival cloak and steed.

Dezi's new outfit. Antlers on the helm, fur on the shoulders. As I start moving into other maps, I think I can get more fur stuff, so this outfit will continue to change. Also, that chestpiece, I found on the auction hall for a handful of silver. It looks AMAZING in just about every color so I'm kind of in love with it.

Dezi's new festival fireworks cloak. There's a hooded and hoodless version. This is dyed Ered Luin Blue.

Dezi's new Fireworks Festival Steed, named FireFlight (yes, I know there's a band by that name). It randomly fires off fireworks while you ride it, which is pretty awesome.
Tags: lotr, pictures, role-playing
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